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発酵さしすせそ / Fermentation Sa・Shi・Su・Se・So

とてもハイセンスで料理が大好きな友人・ユキさんの結婚祝いとして、発酵さしすせそをコーディネートした。 常々アンテナを張って気になっていたものを県外から取り寄せ、お花屋さんでPickしたものを敷き詰め梱包した。

As a wedding gift for my friend Yuki who has very good taste in something and loves cooking, I coordinated a package of fermented sa・shi・su・se・so. I ordered them from out of the prefecture what I had always been curious about. After that packed with flowers at a flower shop.
When I looked at the completed product, I was impressed to see plants and microorganisms that were still breathing.

  • Year: 2018
  • Category: Installation
  • Status: Presented
  • Location: Aichi, Japan
  • Collaborator: emof

やましゃけ (Koh Yamasaki)