腐食した鉄骨柱脚の残存耐力に関わる研究 / Steel Column Residual Strength depends on Corroded


The bottom of steel column on station platform is bearing a lot of load because of theory of structures. In addition, the boundary area with the ground ends up accumulating rainwater, therefore it is going to be awful environment where corrosion can easily occur.
The residual strength capacity of steel which reduced thickness due to corrosion must be properly calculated. However, the complex unevenness shape by corrosion made it impossible to perform structural calculation. That is the reason why we had to considerable overestimate for the safety.
In this study, we proposed a method to evaluate the residual strength capacity based on the results of FEM analysis and destructive testing after 3D scanning.

  • Year: 2018
  • Category: Research
  • Status: In-house Presented (Not Published)
  • Collaborator: Nagoya University
  • Location: Aichi, Japan

やましゃけ (Koh Yamasaki)