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テーマは「What reduce your stress?(あなたのストレス解消法は?)」でした。


What reduce your stress?

The way to reduce my stress is change thinking about stress.

First, look at this picture.

You know, this is a bridge. It’s made of concrete.

Typically, a concrete is very hard. But, this one is special one.

I’ll explain it.


Prestressed concrete

A normal concrete has stick steel in it.

But this concrete’s steel is pulled before set.

So that, this concrete will become very very hard. very very strong.

A name is “Prestressed concrete”.

Prestressed concrete is used as a big bridge, a building and so on.

Anyway, you know, in the engeneering world, stress means mechanical power, architectural power.

OK. Let’s get back to the topic.

“Reduce stress”


Do you sing a song, play a video game, travel to reduce a stress?

I was thinking what things reduce my stress with my effort.

For example.

To sing my favorite song at karaoke.

To play a video game. Like Pokémon.

To travel abroad.

Certainly, they are very effective and useful.

But, I noticed those actions are temporary and instantaneous.

For example.

When you sing a song, you remember your work, your homework don’t you?

When you play a video game, you may not get enough time of sleeping.

When you travel abroad, you may worry about your bank.

I noticed stress harms health, stress makes me angry, stress is the cause of cancer. Stress is a bad thing!


Stress is bad things?

In short, stress is unnecessary for me.

But now, I’m thinking it is wrong.

OK. Please look at this graph.

This graph is reason of people die in America.

1st target is Hurt disease, 2nd is cancer.

The 15th largest is due to stress. You know, it’s called “killer stress”.

It breaks your stomach, intestine, mental and so on.

They were more than skin cancer, HIV and homicide.

Too many.

However, I learned a surprise fact from an American psychologist.


Do you believe stress harms your health?

I have a question.

“Do you believe stress harms your health?”

Most of people who have a killer stress believe stress is bad things for health.

Opposite position, healthy people don’t believe stress isn’t bad things.

In short, if you change your mind about stress, you will be healthy.

I think I shouldn’t believe stress is bad things.

When I have to give a presentation, when I have to take a test, when I’m scolded by my boss, that moment is my chance to my grow up.

Stress is the power to challenge.

Stress is the method to solve the problem.

Then I can be stronger than before.


Like a prestress concrete.