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オフィスR 拡張プロジェクト / Expand Lab Office R

Lab機能を持つ調味料メーカー会社からの依頼でおこなったOffice拡張プロジェクト。 試作・研究が行われる既存のLabスペースに、Serve(提供)する機能を持つスペースと、Dine(食事)する機能をもつスペースを付加し、閉じた空間から開いた空間へ転換した。

This project is to be expanded the office by seasoning manufacturer company that has a laboratory function. We designed new room to serve and dine their product into the existing laboratory room in order to make the space more open.
In the Serve space, we designed an L-shaped counter which has tables of different widths. One is a narrow table where people can stop by to sample new products, and the other is a wide table where people can sit and discuss using a laptop, so that various conversations can take place.
In the Dine space, a big table, chairs, and benches are placed in a position near natural lighting. We can gather 10-15 people for events and work while feeling the outside environment.

  • Year: 2020
  • Category: Renovation (Warehouse → Office)
  • Status: Renovated
  • Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

やましゃけ (Koh Yamasaki)